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Discussion in 'Lowongan Kerja Pelaut' started by minmin, Apr 6, 2020.

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    PT.Acak Samudera Indonesia is now hiring!! Open positions for Tanker Vessel (All ships over 8000 GT/3000 kW)

    Deck department:
    •1 Master
    •1 Chief Officer
    •2 Officers in Charge of a Navigation Watch
    •3 Able Seafarers Deck
    •2 Ordinary Seaman

    Engine department:
    •1 Chief Engineer
    •1 Second Engineer •2 Officers in Charge of an Enginnering Watch •2 Able Seafarers Engine
    •1 Engine Ratings Certified To Form Part of An Engineering Watch

    Please come closer if interested and send your updated CV to and please indicate position applied.

    Only short-listed candidates will be called for interview.

    Note: Informasi di atas hanya terusan dari group lain. Mohon untuk selalu berhati-hati.

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    lowongannya ini sampai kapan min?